Where’s my hoodie?

Though we’ve had a few 80 + degree days here in DC this spring, I seem to either be at work or out of town when it’s over 80 degrees.  Today the temperature hit 83 degrees and I was quickly drained emotionally.  Although I love the warmer weather, I am quickly forced to face my size and body weight.  Unlike the fall and winter, I am not able to hide behind my hoodie and yoga pants.  Had I worn that today, I would have fried… instead, I squeezed myself into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  I was so uncomfortable!!   It just makes me sad to see how uncomfortable I am sometimes in my own body.  I am proud of my weight loss this past week and I hope I can continue to lose!

My BF and I really enjoyed having family in town this week, but we’re both looking forward to getting back to our regular diet and workout routine.  I hope this week is great!

Grocery List

-Fruit (pears, bananas)
-FF Half and Half
-Light Soy Milk
-Kashi and Puffins Cereal
(Lots of food at home already)

Meal Ideas


-Oatmeal with PB2 and Flaxseed
-Kashi or Puffins cereal with soy milk

 Lunch @ work:

-brown rice with black beans and salsa

 Snacks @ work:

-Cottage Cheese
-pear and/or banana


-No idea… I’m going to play it by ear.  I have a lot of lettuce at home, so hopefully salads

Workout Plan

25 – Workout after work @ gym

26 – Workout after work with Wizard

27 – Workout after work @ gym

28 – Workout after work @ gym

29 –  Off

30 – Workout after weight watchers

1 – Run with BF

Weight Watchers

-Track points every day

-Weight in Saturday

-Move points around to have a more balanced diet


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