April 18-24 Weekly Plan

Grocery List

-Fruit (apples, bananas)
-Bag of Broccoli
-Bell Pepper
-FF Half and Half
-Chicken Breast
-Bag of Frozen Veggies

Meal Ideas


-Oatmeal with PB2 and Flaxseed
-Egg white omelet with veggies

 Lunch @ work:

-Salad with black beans and salsa

 Snacks @ work:

-Cottage Cheese
-Apple and/or banana

 Dinner (Tonight, Monday, and Tuesday):

-Asian stir fry (chicken breast, broccoli, onion, carrots, bell pepper, mushrooms) and brown rice

Workout Plan

18 – Workout in the AM

19 – Workout after work with Wizard

20 – Workout in the AM (BF’s parents arrive)

21 – Day Off

22 – Workout with sister

23 – Play it by ear… hope to work out in the AM

24 – Day Off

Weight Watchers

-Track points every day

-Weight in Saturday

-Make wise choices when eating out with family


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