Running with my FT7

Yesterday was the first time I had ever worked out with a heart rate monitor.  I purchased my FT7 from FIT3 in Vienna, VA on Saturday and utilized one of their awesome groupons!  The set up was really simple and I wanted to use it right away.  The FT7 tracks my heart rate and calories burned, but I already know what this watch is missing… a GPS to determine how far I have run.  Luckly, the BF and I ran on the Mt. Vernon Trail, which is marked, so we were able to see how far we had run.  All in all, I enjoyed wearing the watch and the chest strap on my Sunday run with the BF!

The best part of our 4 mile run however was finding $20 on the trail!! It was AWESOME!  BF quickly made a joke saying “it’s like you’re getting paid to exercise.”

My max heart rate was 180 with an average of 157.  I was in Fat Burn for 15:38 and was in Fitness for 47:23.  We worked out for 1:03:01 and I burned 745 calories.


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