Weekend Recap

It really did turn out to be a great (much needed) weekend!  I didn’t accomplish all I had hoped, but I got PLENTY of sleep!


  1. Clean apartment (pick up, vacuum, take out garbage, etc.)
  2. Read for CSE (2 chapters and 1 article) — I’m thinking over a nice fat free latte at Starbucks
  3. Write 2 message boards for CSE
  4. Take quiz for CSE
  5. Workout (time flew by… had to leave for babysitting before I knew it)
  6. Babysit


  1. Write paper for SWD (Took a super long nap instead!!)
  2. Work out on Sunday (going running with BF)
  3. Plan out meals and workouts for next week
  4. Go grocery shopping

Today was probably the best of the two days.  BF and I went for a 4 mile run this morning.  It was my first time running with my new FT6 Polar watch.  I really like the watch and all of the features.  It recorded my heart rate, average heart rate, calories burned, and time spent in the fat burn and cardiovascular zones.  BF and I worked out for an hour and I burned 745 calories according to the FT6!  I also began using The Daily Burn to record my daily diet and to begin tracking my calories.

Here’s a look at today’s calories:

Breakfast – 280

Lunch – 435

Snack – 140

Dinner – 520

Dessert – 120

Total – 1495

According to The Daily Burn, my carbohydrates were 30 grams higher than they should be, so I am going to work to lessen the amount of carbs I am eating each day.  In all, I’m feeling great today!  I felt satisfied after each meal and had a great workout today.  Tonight I watched a few DVR shows and planned out the week ahead.  It’s going to be a great week, though I’ve REALLY got to focus on my SWD paper and my CSE final project.  Lots to get done before family comes into town for Easter.


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